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Online Personal Trainer Do you live outside of Columbus, OH and looking for an online personal trainer? No problem! I'd love to help you. Below are my Online Personal Training Packages.

Online Personal Training Phase 1 Package

Price: $240 for two months
Package includes:

    • 1. 30 minute interview to discuss your current fitness level, goals (via phone, skype or facetime)
    • 2. 10 workouts for each month, designed around either home or gym use or combination thereof. The second month’s workouts will be completed and emailed after client completion and client/trainer review of month one. These are NOT cookie cutter workouts, but rather workouts specified to the needs of the client.
    • 3. Menu ideas and clean eating suggestions. Since I am not a dietician, I will not be able to provide actual meal plans/menus. However, I will be able to give you the information you need to make better food choices in using food as fuel to power through your workouts and living a healthier lifestyle on a day to day basis. My personal clean eating manual (11 page document) from my Clean Eating Workshops will also be included in this package. A $45 value! For additional clean eating recipes, you can always visit my Free Healthy Recipes page.
    • 4. 60 days of support via Facebook or email.
    • 5. I will give advice on recommend supplements to take in addition to the program.
Debbie, just wanted to thank you for the 4 awesome months I trained with you!! When I contacted you, I wanted to lean out & develop muscular definition...I remember the first time I saw a shoulder line....I was like man this woman knows her stuff!! Your workouts were always changing & kept me challenged!! You took me to the next level of fitness & taught me so much!! And for that I am forever grateful!! Even today I can text you with questions, send you my progress pics....I feel as if you are a friend not just a trainer!! Before I trained with you, I didn't even know what Amino Acids were! Or how important protein was for muscle feeding! When I took your clean eating course, I was already eating clean but still learned so much more! Again, thank you so much for guidance & sharing your knowledge with me, I now can walk into a gym with confidence & kill my workouts!!!

Thank you again my friend

Jennifer L. Cairo, GA

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Testimonials: Online Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Erica, I am 23 years old and I teach first grade! I have been on my fitness/health journey since I was in the eighth grade!

Over the years I have lost and regained 40 pounds on and off. Within the past few years I have managed to keep all of the weight off through clean eating and exercise but still struggle with it.

I took Debbie's clean eating webinar and learned how to food prep and what the true meaning of eating clean is. With my busy work and social life food prepping has really helped me consistently eat clean and stay on track!

After stumbling upon Debbie's Facebook page I started lifting weights rather than only doing cardio. Four months ago after working hard and not seeing the results I wanted I decided to sign up for online training with Debbie. At first I was hesitant because of financial reasons, but I decided to sign up for the first two months. I am so glad I decided to sign up, it was worth every penny! I received so much more than just a training plan, I received personalized training plans that were different, challenging and exciting! She also gave me clean eating tips and advice, and helped me through cheat meals. She always responded quickly to my texts, calls, and emails! After phase one (the first two months) I was feeling great and seeing results so I immediately knew I wanted to sign up for two more months.

Looking back I am so glad I signed up for training and grateful for everything I have learned/gained from this experience! I now feel more in control of my body and my health than I ever have.

Erica B. Greenville, NC
I work a full time job, a mother of two beautiful girls and found myself trying to squeeze in workouts when I could. No matter how much cardio and weight training I did, I wouldn’t see muscle definition. I thought I was forever doomed to have the “mom pouch”. I came across Debbie’s blog, followed a few of her monthly challenges, and made some of her delicious muffins. I thought if this busy mom could be fit, healthy and have rocking guns then she can teach me her ways. Debbie expanded her business to online training and I waited for the launch but all the spots were already taken! I immediately reserved a spot for her next training series and anxiously waited until it was my turn. After my initial phone call with Debbie, I was pumped to get started and see results. I had no idea what clean eating was. But after some time, I adjusted and didn’t miss any of my sweets that I use to crave every day. Instead, I crave veggies all the time! This was a complete 180 for me. No wonder I wasn’t seeing any results with my gym efforts, I was eating complete junk and not fueling my body! Debbie gave me constant feedback, tweaking my foods and exercises when I needed it. I am 100% addicted to the gym now especially Debbie’s workouts. They’re always high intensity and I feel phenomenal afterwards. I now have feminine, muscular arms or what I like to call them Debbie Guns. A day doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t ask me about my diet or workout routines. I always say it’s not me, this is all Debbie. More importantly, my family is seeing the importance of healthy living and we are all changing for the better. I am so, so glad I found Fit and Healthy with Debbie ! Burpees forever!

Meredith N. from Barberton, OH

Upon completion of Phase 1, you have the opportunity to purchase Phase 2 on a month by month basis.

Online Personal Training Phase 2 Package

Price: $80/month - Month to month
Package includes:

    • 1. 6 workouts each month, designed around either home or gym use or combination thereof. The following month’s workouts will be completed and emailed after client completion and client/trainer review of previous month.
    • 2. 30 days of support via Facebook or email.
    • 3. Client may cancel at any time by simply NOT paying for any additional monthly packages. Your credit card is NOT kept on file and is not automatically charged at the start of the next monthly session.

All packages purchased are NON-REFUNDABLE.