Group Fitness Trainer
I have been training with Debbie for a year now in a small group once week until this past Septebmer when I started training 3 days a week with an amazing group of women! As a trainer Debbie is tough, inspiring and supportive all at the same time! She pushes when I need pushed and slows me down when I need rest; I am recovering from a ankle sprain right now and I am banned from the gym until I heal as I should be! I am lifting more than I ever thought was possible, doing push ups on one leg and have more cardio endurance than I have ever had in my life. During one of her boot camps earlier this month I won a plank off and push up challenge...all I could hear was Debbie's voice saying yes you can! I highly recommend training with a small group for additional support and encouragement! Over the past year I have made some great lasting relationships with wonderful ladies that have the same passion for health and fitness that I do!

Angela P. in Lewis Center, OH
Hi, my name is Kim, I have four children and two grandchildren. I never thought I would ever go to a personal trainer. Thankfully, my sister-in-law asked me to join her in a small group. I decided to give it a try. It is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself! I absolutely love it!

I started last February going two days a week for one hour sessions. Debbie's workouts made me feel so good! As time progressed I decided to try Saturday morning bootcamps. Wow! I left every bootcamp happy and feeling great! I knew I was doing something good for myself.

Soon I found myself enjoying Debbie's training so much, I added another day to my workout schedule!

We lift weights, do floor exercises and cardio. I am amazed at how many different things Debbie can come up with!

It never gets boring! We work very hard and constantly challenge ourselves to push it to the next level.

I also attended Debbie's Clean Eating Workshop. Here she encouraged me to eat better by suggesting simple solutions to making healthier food choices.

I look forward to all my workouts and feel like it is such an important thing to do. I can feel myself getting stronger and can see I am getting toned. I still need to lose some weight, but I'm headed in the right direction. Best of all, it makes me happy and I feel great!

Debbie modifies my workout to meet my individual needs. She is a great motivator!!!! We have lots of fun too! We share laughs, giggles, sweat and some good stories!

I would like to thank Debbie for helping me become a healthier, happier, fit person! Its never to late to start! Thank you so much for all you do. Thanks for helping keep me accountable!

Burpees Forever, Friends forever too,

Kim D. Columbus, OH
A year ago I walked into the gym unhealthy and out of shape. I am now.... 10 lbs lighter, 2 sizes smaller, and a lot stronger than I ever thought I could be. Thanks, Debbie for pushing me and believing in me!!!

Chris M. Westerville, OH
I moved here from Washington DC in September 2012 and found a gym as quickly as possible so that I could start putting together my routine. I really came to enjoy the Spin, Calorie Crusher, and Urban Iron classes. These all became a part of my routine as I prepared for my first Marathon in January. The more I took Urban Iron, the more I knew that I really enjoyed the intensity of the Instructor. Her name was Debbie and I did not want to miss any of her classes. One day during class she said she had some empty slots for small group training, which now for me is known as 'Reicherts Gals.' I jumped at the offer as I was stagnating in my plan and needed something new. I was introduced to the ladies of the Monday group where I would become a part of the foursome. The ladies welcomed me in like I had been there forever; I can not imagine working out without them. We have an amazing group workout ethic and we are all there for the same reason: for Debbie to make us better! She always has something fresh and extra special (burpees) for us, the workouts change weekly to keep our bodies guessing. We have now become a group of five and we work together like a team. We workout Mondays and Fridays and I can not imagine my week without my Reicherts Gals! My body image is not the greatest but I know it is getting better because of these workouts and the support of my small group members. I’m the grouchy one and everyone puts up with me!

Debbie M. Columbus, OH
Monday and Friday Small Group Training
AKA Reicherts Gals
Debbie and I met via a mutual friend on Facebook! I started following her because of the things she was saying and her overall health outlook. I felt like we had a connection before we even met. I was at a point in my life where I needed to start making myself the focus of my day instead of everyone and everything else! I did not want a true gym experience....I wanted a small group setting so that l could find inspiration from others and have a connection with people. I met Debbie in November of last year and it has changed my life forever! Debbie has made me realize that I am strong...not just physically, but in so many other ways. She sees in me what I don't see in myself. I think the one thing that I love about Debbie the most is that she is real. No sugar-coating with her and I appreciate that so much!

I have had the good fortune of having Debbie personally train me one-on-one and the blessings of a small group setting. Doing both has been amazing. I love the ladies I work out with. I feel now like we feed off each other's energy and pick each other up when the other is struggling. I am not sure if they know truly how much they motivate me each week. They each inspire me and push me to work harder each time I am with them. I have achieved my goal of making working out a priority. I never in a million years would have continued to do this without Debbie's motivation to keep me going. She is so committed to herself, her family and her clients…she is an inspiration for me and I am forever grateful for her encouragement and friendship! #debbiereichertrocks

Beth. R, Westerville, OH
I have been working out with Debbie in a small group for almost a year. Debbie is dedicated to bringing out the best in all her clients. She works tirelessly to guarantee that you meet your fitness goals.

I’ve been pushed harder than I thought possible. It's an amazing feeling when you finish a tough workout and you think to yourself, 'Did I REALLY do that?' It's empowering!!

The friendships I have made through our small group are another huge benefit. We solve world problems, share recipes, give advice to one another and encourage each other through whatever we may be taking on, inside or outside of the gym.

Thank you Debbie for helping me become FIT, HEALTHY and INSPIRED!!!!!

Cathy R., New Albany, OH

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge
What we love about Advocare, and why we chose to sell it after completing the 24 Day Challenge through Debbie’s coaching:

1. It works! I have lost inches all over my body, and gone down sizes in clothes. Shopping and feeling good when you are in a dressing room is worth the investment. I did not cry trying on clothes! My husband has lost over 15 lbs. He looks amazing.

2. We FEEL incredible. We have so much energy throughout the day. We do not crash at 3 p.m. anymore. We are not bloated. Have no gas. And do not have indigestion anymore.

3. We are seeing results from our workouts. We can see definition in our muscles. And we are recovering more quickly from our workouts. Let me tell you, it feels amazing to not hobble around for days after a tough workout.

4. Our grocery bill has decreased by approximately $100 a week. I repeat, OUR GROCERY BILL HAS GONE DOWN! This was a benefit we never expected.

5. Our children are choosing healthy snacks to eat now. It is amazing to watch them choose an apple or banana, and pistachios for a snack; or asking for rice cakes and almond butter to eat, instead of cheez-its or junk food. And because what they are eating is GOOD food for their bodies, it actually fills their bottomless pits, also known as, their stomachs. It is awesome!!!!!

I am a former skeptic, turned believer, and hope you will be too and not only try the 24 day challenge but just take a leap of faith and sign up as a distributor under Debbie today! It truly is life changing. Our family has experienced a lifestyle change through Advocare that will continue. We would not want to go back to how we used to eat and choose to live. We feel too good to want to return to our old habits.

Mark and Lindsey, Powell, OH
Yesterday made day 24 of the challenge for me and I must say, it was totally what I needed! I'm training for my first full marathon so I had to tweak the regimen just a bit to ensure I got the proper nutrition I needed, but pretty much stuck to the challenge as directed. I lost 6 lbs total and have toned up tremendously. This challenge coupled with daily exercise (running, lifting, or cardio) and healthy food choices has helped me achieve my goal. Not to mention that AdvoCare has a new customer! Catalyst, Spark, Meal Replacement Shake, MNS....gotta have it! Want in on the next challenge! Thank you for including me!

Valetta C., Edmond, OK

Personal Trainer in Columbus, OH
Debbie has changed my family’s life. I have been working out with Debbie for several months now: in 1-on-1 sessions primarily but also in small groups and at her Boot Camps. Because of Debbie, I am the strongest I have ever been in my life. She brings the best out of you and helps you step out of your comfort zone to push you to become the best person you can be. The workouts are unique and are tailored specifically to your strength/fitness but are demanding. Most importantly, Debbie treats her clients like family and not like "clients" and has been a true inspiration to all of us.

Melissa P. from Westerville, Ohio
What first drew me to Debbie Reichert Fitness was her philosophy about one-on-one training... 'I become your PERSON,' she said. She told me she'd be the one to hold me accountable. She'd track my progress. She'd check in with me throughout the week to be sure I was keeping up my end of our deal. And she has more than delivered on those promises. Not only have I seen my body change--I've become leaner with more muscle definition and I'm stronger than I've ever been--but my attitude toward fitness has evolved as well. I've made fitness a daily priority. But I've also incorporated her healthy lifestyle habits outside the gym, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Brook B. Westerville OH
I have been personal training with Debbie since March of this year. In this amount of time she has taught me so many things about eating clean, working out and maintaining a general healthy lifestyle. She is knowledgeable in all of these areas and truly cares about her clients. Her passion for her work is contagious, up lifting and encouraging, I have never had a trainer who cared so much and follows along so closely to make sure I am doing what I am supposed to do in a non invasive way. Through my journey, I have lost 20 pounds, increased my endurance, strength and continue to eat clean. Leading a healthy lifestyle is a two way street... Debbie will give you the tools, you just put them to use and do your part and you will be successful. I would recommend Debbie's group training classes, personal training, and instructional seminars to anyone.

Jodi Z. Columbus, Ohio

Online Personal Trainer
Hi, my name is Erica, I am 23 years old and I teach first grade! I have been on my fitness/health journey since I was in the eighth grade!

Over the years I have lost and regained 40 pounds on and off. Within the past few years I have managed to keep all of the weight off through clean eating and exercise but still struggle with it.

I took Debbie's clean eating webinar and learned how to food prep and what the true meaning of eating clean is. With my busy work and social life food prepping has really helped me consistently eat clean and stay on track!

After stumbling upon Debbie's Facebook page I started lifting weights rather than only doing cardio. Four months ago after working hard and not seeing the results I wanted I decided to sign up for online training with Debbie. At first I was hesitant because of financial reasons, but I decided to sign up for the first two months. I am so glad I decided to sign up, it was worth every penny! I received so much more than just a training plan, I received personalized training plans that were different, challenging and exciting! She also gave me clean eating tips and advice, and helped me through cheat meals. She always responded quickly to my texts, calls, and emails! After phase one (the first two months) I was feeling great and seeing results so I immediately knew I wanted to sign up for two more months.

Looking back I am so glad I signed up for training and grateful for everything I have learned/gained from this experience! I now feel more in control of my body and my health than I ever have.

Erica B. Greenville, NC
Debbie, just wanted to thank you for the 4 awesome months I trained with you!! When I contacted you, I wanted to lean out & develop muscular definition...I remember the first time I saw a shoulder line....I was like man this woman knows her stuff!! Your workouts were always changing & kept me challenged!! You took me to the next level of fitness & taught me so much!! And for that I am forever grateful!! Even today I can text you with questions, send you my progress pics....I feel as if you are a friend not just a trainer!! Before I trained with you, I didn't even know what Amino Acids were! Or how important protein was for muscle feeding! When I took your clean eating course, I was already eating clean but still learned so much more! Again, thank you so much for guidance & sharing your knowledge with me, I now can walk into a gym with confidence & kill my workouts!!!

Thank you again my friend

Jennifer L. Cairo, GA
I work a full time job, a mother of two beautiful girls and found myself trying to squeeze in workouts when I could. No matter how much cardio and weight training I did, I wouldn’t see muscle definition. I thought I was forever doomed to have the “mom pouch”. I came across Debbie’s blog, followed a few of her monthly challenges, and made some of her delicious muffins. I thought if this busy mom could be fit, healthy and have rocking guns then she can teach me her ways. Debbie expanded her business to online training and I waited for the launch but all the spots were already taken! I immediately reserved a spot for her next training series and anxiously waited until it was my turn. After my initial phone call with Debbie, I was pumped to get started and see results. I had no idea what clean eating was. But after some time, I adjusted and didn’t miss any of my sweets that I use to crave every day. Instead, I crave veggies all the time! This was a complete 180 for me. No wonder I wasn’t seeing any results with my gym efforts, I was eating complete junk and not fueling my body! Debbie gave me constant feedback, tweaking my foods and exercises when I needed it. I am 100% addicted to the gym now especially Debbie’s workouts. They’re always high intensity and I feel phenomenal afterwards. I now have feminine, muscular arms or what I like to call them Debbie Guns. A day doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t ask me about my diet or workout routines. I always say it’s not me, this is all Debbie. More importantly, my family is seeing the importance of healthy living and we are all changing for the better. I am so, so glad I found Fit and Healthy with Debbie ! Burpees forever!

Meredith N. from Barberton, OH

Clean Eating Workshops & Webinars
Debbie -

Thanks again for coming to our company to conduct your Clean Eating Workshop for the 25+ people here who are ready to get clean! There will be even more than that soon, now that the word is spreading. I also wanted to pass along that a few of them hit me up right away with how to get ahold of you for some more in depth tips.

Our feedback on this event is that they learned a lot of things and want us to look at teaching the folks here about more of what you have to offer. Perhaps we can take advantage of some refresher trainings in clean eating, but also some things dedicated to your healthy recipes and personal training courses.

Thanks again for stimulating my people into thinking healthy!

Daryl N. from Art.com in Lockbourne, Ohio
Hi Debbie-
I have tried some of the recipes on your blog and thought I would let you know that the ones we have tried have been absolutely delicious.

1) Quinoa Black Bean Salad Recipe- this was so tasty and refreshing. We had never tried quinoa before making our commitment to clean eating and we think it is delicious. There was about 15 minutes of chopping veggies, avocado, herbs, etc to make this recipe. So, not that bad. Start cooking the quinoa while chopping the veggies and by the time the quinoa is done, you will be done chopping. I mixed the quinoa with the veggies and let it chill in the fridge for an hour and served cold. It was so good. A definite 'make-again' according to my wife. It would be easy to make a day before and could serve for a lunch the next day.

2) Chicken Parmigiana Meatballs Recipe - I made these and was a little skeptical they would be dry. I make some really good traditional meatballs with pork/veal/beef that are so good so I have high expectations. I was really surprised how good they were. They were juicy and flavorful. Both my boys liked them. I made a batch of them and I call them “protein bombs” because they are a quick and easy snack you can eat if you need a quick protein snack.

3) Hummus Recipe- Just awesome. Easy to make in food processor. I have made several batches and have mixed it up a bit. I added some roasted red pepper one time and also added a little basil and pine nuts another time. It is so easy to make a batch and chop up some veggies and have them around for easy snacking during the week. I found myself using the hummus as a go-to snack instead of my old habit of eating chips/pretzels.

Thanks for everything.

Jon P. Columbus, Ohio, former nachos addict

Outdoor Bootcamps in Columbus Ohio
Debbie's boot camp is by far the best yet! Her rigorous, challenging workouts are so much fun that I look forward to each session. The fabulous results I'm getting along with Debbie's passion for health and fitness is extremely motivating and inspiring!

Jennifer. H., Westerville, Ohio