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    I'm not a chef.

    I'm not a nutritionist.

    I'm not a dietician.

    I am a home cook, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and fitness professional dedicated to the health and wellness of my family, friends, clients and myself. My faith guides me through my passions in life and I believe that you CAN change your life one healthy decision at a time.

    I am just a girl who is passionate about eating good, homemade, whole healthy foods and using that food as fuel. We have one body and I feel that we MUST treat that body well through a diet made of up fresh fruits and veggies, nuts/seeds, lean proteins, whole grains, good fats, and complex carbohydrates all while keeping dairy, wheat/gluten and processed foods to a minimum and making water our primary drink of choice. As a nationally certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I also believe in getting at least 45 minutes of exercise, five times a week. Therefore, many of my recipes are geared toward fitness enthusiasts looking to keep their diet high in protein and low in fat and sugar.

    These are my recipes, cooked up in my home, usually with my two crazy, sweet little boys running around. I hope that you enjoy them and can bring them into your home as a new family favorite.

    Faith, Fitness, Food and Burpees Forever!


    Download 20 of my original healthy and delicious recipes eBook Cookbook right to your computer, Kindle, Tablet (iPad, Nexus, Surface, Galaxy, Nook, etc.) and smartphone.

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    The list of recipes includes...
     - Chocolate protein pancakes with peanut butter topping
     - Sweet potato hash
     - Black bean corn salsa
     - Lemon Jalapeno hummus
     - Cold quinoa veggie salad
     - Chicken and shrimp w/ GF pasta shells
     - Chicken "Fried" Rice
     - Parmesan Herb Hamburgers
     - Quick and Simple Turkey Spaghetti Sauce
     - Quinoa salsa turkey
     - Mediterranean turkey burgers
     - Cucumber yogurt sauce
     - Not Yo Mamma's Grilled Cheese sandwich
     - Tuna and egg salad sandwich
     - Turkey chili
     - Turkey cabbage lettuce wrap
     - Food Prepping and How to make a slow cooker "roasted" chicken
     - White Chicken Chili
     - Chicken and cabbage soup
     - Powerhouse soup
     - Chicken salad sandwich
  • Fit and Healthy Recipes Cookbook with Debbie Reichert
  • Fit and Healthy Recipes Cookbook with Debbie Reichert

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